Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Seriously - You People Are Killing Me

Dear Previous Owners,

Happy New Year! We just wanted to thank you for painting every surface in the house a different coordinating color. We especially wanted to give a big shout out for the master bedroom. Ah, mint green. It is funny how what appears to be a harmless color can take over your life (and weekend) when covering every surface. Walls. Trim. Closet doors. Shutters to the storage under the eaves. The heating register. All of it. What possessed you to do this? A seven-hour priming marathon barely made a difference and our sanity is at stake. We know it will only get worse when we attack the blue and pink rooms and that scares the bejezzus out of us. So thanks. Thanks for killing our dream and our schedule of renovations.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Office

As all three of my readers know, Matt works from home, so setting up his office was one of the first things we did upon moving in. As far as rooms in our house went, this one wasn't too bad. There wasn't any wallpaper (one of two rooms out of 10 to achieve this status) and the trim was actually white (score) so he figured he could live with the stenciled sunflower border for awhile. Which he did.

Finally in January when the New Year's Eve hangover wore off and the memories of the horror that was the bathroom renovation had faded, we decided to take on the office.

It actually wasn't too bad in retrospect. The main goals were removing the sunflowers from sight, painting the walls a slightly different yellow and removing the previous owner's paint spatters from the hardwood floors.

To remove the traces of former paint jobs gone wrong, we purchased Goof Off. I gotta tell you, this stuff is GOOD. It is also strangely addictive. Over the past five months I've spent no fewer than two days using this stuff on every inch of or floors. It works and it is cheap and you might even get a bit of a contact high from it. I'm just sayin...

Here is the room during said painting/removing weekend:

And here are the after photos...

We were going for a modern, hippy vibe that I think we accomplished.

For more pictures, check out the slideshow: