Saturday, July 5, 2008

Getting Our Mojo Back - Kitchen and Hallway

We took some time off to focus on being puppy parents and had trouble getting our mojo back. How to solve the problem? Decide to host your grandmother's 88th birthday party! We got a ton done in a few weeks including painting the kitchen, hallway, five doors and taking on a landscaping project. It all worked out in the end, but was far from fun while it was happening.

Behold the thankless project known as the hallway:

We were so excited to get the kitchen done. We'd been chipping away at the project since we moved in by replacing the cabinet hardware, switch plates, dishwasher, stove and covering up the fruity tiles with tile tattoos, but waiting to take down the country wallpaper and brass light fixture was torture. The birthday party was just the motivation we needed to get the job done. We chose "shady cove green" to coordinate with the stained glass blue lobster my grandmother had given us for a wedding gift. The room is so comfortable and so us now.