Monday, August 27, 2007

Feelin' Hot Hot HOT!

Moving day is never fun. Not for your amazing friends who help (thanks guys) or for the OCD wife who attempts to orchestrate it. We went through two bags of ice, endless bottle of water and one 64oz bottle of Gatorade and all we got was a packed to the roof POD. Check out the fun we had!

The Bobs & Matt finish the first shift...

Sadly, due to the heat, I lost my head and didn't take pictures of the second shift of hard-working movers - Pat & Nate. Thanks for bearing with us guys!

Finally, on Sunday night at 9, Team T-J finished filling the POD.

We're so excited that we broke out a pose reserved for VERY special occasions:

The Maverick & Goose

Then, celebratory dancing broke out:

Big finish with jazz hands -

Then we locked it up and called it a night

Finally, the next day I couldn't walk but waved good bye to 99% of our worldly possessions from one of the two remaining items in our apartment.

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