Saturday, August 18, 2007

Great yard sale or THE GREATEST YARD SALE?

I'll go with the greatest! After a rough start with our scary neighbor Ray wearing only daisy dukes yelling in the front yard and a freaked out pitbull barking away the early birds, the yard sale officially kicked off at 9 with a countdown from seven about to be customers. The next few hours were a blur with Chrissy, who had to leave with the dog before she could open her lemonade stand, Liz, Matt & I all running selling various items to strange people. Both Liz and Team Tarbox-Johnson made good money from the sale. Here are some things we learned:
1) Start getting ready WAY before people are supposed to show up. It takes forever to set things up and despite saying no early birds expect them. A lot of them. Sleep in people, it is Saturday morning.
2) Beware of groups of three or more that arrive in the same car. Nothing but trouble.
3) Prepare yourself for lots of verbal abuse, because when you decide to not sell shoes that were more than $100 for less than $5, you're going to piss some people off.
4) Come to terms with the fact that you are going to get ripped off at least once. (I haven't forgotten about you cordless phone lady - you still owe me $3, bi@#h!
5) It is impossible to predict what is a good yard sale item - one of the first items we sold was a very offensive (drunken purchase by my husband) Little Joe Cooke Peanut Man tee shirt.
6) Winning the most interesting almost purchase - two ladies dressed like this:

attempting to purchase two dresses cut like this:

How's that for some food for thought...

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